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My name is Margie Boehmer. As a Personal Empowerment Consultant, I am here to support you on your Soul journey into higher dimensions of self-awareness. The Universe is evolving rapidly and sending frequencies to Earth to assist us to evolve as well. Problem is many people don’t understand what’s going on and even if you do, the energies are so new and different that you find it challenging to navigate life right now. I am here to support and mentor you into an exciting new life within an atmosphere of abundance and love. I am available for private consultations, speaking engagements, and group events. For more information click the pink button below.


Chunky Boots

The blog is titled ‘Chunky Boots’ simply because right now life can feel like we’re trying to dance gracefully while wearing heavy clunky boots. There is not a single topic for the blog, just an expression of the energy of the day from my perspective. Come dance with me! Wear your ballet slippers or your chunky boots! All shoes are wonderful in my book.


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