Hello, my name is Margie Boehmer. I am a Soul Guide for all people who desire to understand your own connection with Divine Feminine Wisdom.  Welcome to Radiance I AM

After a year of blood, sweat, and fears, I am so happy to introduce you to Radiance I AM and my first online program, a soul-invigorating plan of action called DIVING for TREASURE. 

Yes, it has been a year of blood, sweat, and fears (tears too). The blood, my passion to develop a process that will assist anyone who wants to manage anxiety, fears, self-criticism, etc so you can enable true skills and talents to emerge and develop what I think of as Whole Body Intelligence. The sweat, getting a website operational ‘as a grandma’. Great thanks to Alex at Digital Zenify for his help. The fear, stepping into my wisdom years as a mentor of Divine Feminine Wisdom in a public way.

In July 2019, I received spirit transmissions that have developed into the Diving for Treasure online program. The entire venture has been under the guidance of Archangel Metatron, my main guide, although messages from divine feminine masters are interwoven into the processes. It took six months to channel the materials and get them into audio and written format. It has taken me another six months to figure out, with Alex’s help, how to offer them online so they can be available to use whenever you need them. Then it took me several weeks to gather up the courage to share them with you. 


Today is the Day! I am my own testimony that Diving for Treasure works. Someone told me a long time ago that ‘I would be a late bloomer’.  He was right. Here I am at age 76 blooming into the first chapter of my new book of my life. Please join my garden club and bloom in your way.


Are you one of the brave hearts, the passionate souls who are bold enough to want to know more about yourself no matter how young or old you are? Do you feel your soul gently nudging you while reading these words (or perhaps it’s banging on your heart)? Do you hear your heart saying, ‘go ahead, give it a try’? Have you ever wished you could scrape away the social conditioning that makes you feel as if you are strangling or stagnant? These are all the urgings of your wild rebel soul. Your brave soul that wants you to be bold enough to experience the true reason you were born. Your soul is calling for you now to dive into the deep water and discover your own true north. Discover your own true magnificence. Diving for Treasure is a process that leads you, guides you, and shows you the way into your inner self where the greatest treasures live. I am available throughout your journey to answer any questions you may have along the way.

Diving for Treasure is for everyone who feels there is much more to life than what we are currently experiencing in the world. Divine Feminine Wisdom is inclusive. It’s about learning to embrace all types of energies within our own bodies including masculine and feminine no matter your gender and encouraging them to cooperate and collaborate with each other rather than constantly bicker. Will you listen to the calling of your brave, bold soul and take the journey into self-love? There is no better time to do this than the present moment. The world needs the power of your true light to shine now! 

I invite you to join me and take the deepest dive of your life from the most comfortable chair in your home. Bloom into your authentic magnificence right from the comfort of  your home. Discover more about Diving for Treasure in the video below and on the Events page.  Anyone who signs up before the Lions Gateway on 8-8-20 will enjoy a 20% discount as my gift of gratitude to you.