The Artistry of Life – Light, Love, Laughter

A bit about me

As a Personal Empowerment Consultant, Margie embodies the artistry of life itself. She is a life artist who facilitates empowering Great Souls that wish to truly live their personal dreams. She considers herself to be a body of art progressing gracefully through the struggles of life while simultaneously experiencing the many worlds of her dreams. She uses all types of creative selfexpression to raise conscious awareness in such a way that it manifests as desired real-life experiences. She has dedicated her life to understanding the mysteries of life, the Laws of the Universe and the Laws of Nature so that she can translate current life situations into the greater picture of the soul’s mission. The greater understanding of the soul’s unique purpose for incarnating on Earth facilitates your willingness to take the steps needed to transform negative energies that hold you back into ones that are more helpful to the fulfillment of the dream. Margie’s calling is to facilitate the soul-seeker to use symbolism, archetypal patterns, sacred geometric design, creative expression to uncover the hidden gifts and talents of your life.

Decades of life experience, spiritual studies and intuitively following her heart and soul have enabled her to transform herself into a unique blend of rational, mystical, and practical perspectives that are truly transformative.

Margie plays many roles in life as we all do. She is a personal empowerment consultant, mother, grandmother, entrepreneur, author, painter, journalist, tarot specialist, symbologist, sacred geometrician, traveler, explorer, co-creator of her life. Thirty-one years of marriage, mothering four children; twenty years of corporate experience, and twenty-two years of widowhood all spearheaded the deeper desire to explore her own inner workings to discover who she is as an unique individual. She has lived and traveled the globe alone, investigating life’s mysteries while developing self-mastery. Inner exploration combined with outer adventures has led her into a state of authenticity that more closely aligns with the radiant light of her unique Soul and Spirit that now radiates light energy from within.
Margie shares her intuitive personal empowerment skills and understandings with those who desire to live life to the fullest and experience the satisfaction of living rather than just dreaming. If you wish to reclaim your unique, authentic creative potential, you have come to the right place. Margie will guide you to listen to your intuitive self, to trust the wisdom of your heart and act upon it, to reconnect your heart with your soul. She will guide you to rediscover the unique creative genius that lives inside your heart and soul and express that creativity in your everyday life.