You are manifesting your divine purpose! Today is one of many brushstrokes on the canvas of your life’s work. You are the artist who paints with trust, instinctive and spontaneous, with faith in the process unfolding. You are not the painter using numbered spaces who has a finished vision even before commencing the task, with a map for all steps of the journey. Your lack of plan renders you open and receptive to divine direction. You are capable of being moved by Spirit. You are a brave adventurer. Celebrate what you are creating now and realize it is a step in your major work of divine art, this life of yours, not to be planned, but to be experienced. Stroke after stroke. Step after step. Witnessing the picture coming to life. It may not be what you expected, but it will be the most beautiful extraordinary creation. Give your creations breathing room and be willing to let it become what it seeks to be. – Alana Fairchild