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Expanding horizons in all directions as we dance through life in Chunky Boots.


Spirit Warrior Creed

I shall not be overcome. The enemy shall never grip me. I am led and protected by the greatest of all Spirit Warriors who leads love’s army. My steps in the world are fierce with compassion and love in action. I waiver not, for I am a conqueror over darkness, spirit...

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Power of Unconditional Love

The Emerald Tablet Have you ever wondered where the soul goes when it leaves your body? Well, that depends on whether it is going for an afternoon or evening journey to the stars and back or whether it has concluded its present reign on Earth and is going to leave the...

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The Soul

A single point of light unfolding. Alive on Earth inside a body. Making the body a sacred work of art. Ancient memories, constellations embedded within, the Soul's starry night and sun-filled delight even the stormy and cloudy day for the unfolding Soul eternally a...

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Finding the positive

There are times in life when we feel like we are living in darkness. Maybe we feel like we have bottomed out. Maybe we worry excessively about a situation. Maybe we feel physically deprived or poor because our income has been slashed. Your body is stressed. Your...

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