I am a dreamer, birthing a new age and dreaming a new world into being. If you’re taking the time to read this, you are a dreamer too. Dreamers are the daughters of the Divine Feminine, a group of souls who have been incarnating at specific periods of times in the evolution of the Earth. Dreamers are the mystics, the Magdalenes, the sisters and daughters of the goddesses, the Essenes, the healers, the artists, the midwives, the guardians of the Earth. Dreamers are not necessarily always in female bodies. Dreamers are simply the ones who work to become more balanced in their divine feminine and divine masculine energy vibrations 


Right now we all (not only Dreamers) are in an energetic transition period between ages, The Age of Pisces (Patriarchal Society) fighting not to leave and the Age of Aquarius (Balanced Society based in Divine Feminine Wisdom) having begun in 2012 dreaming its way into physical realityWe are all living in an unprecedented time in history. Allowing the old cycle to fall away and receiving the new cycle into our physical personalities and bodies is like driving on a foggy road through the mountains where sometimes all you can do is follow the tail lights of the car in front of you and pray that they stay on the road. 


It is time now to open up our hearts to receive the higher vibrating energies that the Heavens are sending to us to assist the transition process. I thought my heart was open to receive but I didn’t realize that my heart was energetically blocked by my original soul contract for this lifetime. However, because of my continual practice of working with balancing the higher powers of divine love and divine light within my body, I was able to experience the original contract in the form of collapsing from a heart-rate too slow to sustain lifelive through the experience, and now see more clearly that we can overcome fate and move into divine destiny IF we so choose to let go of the old energy and move forward into the new. My prayer each day for years has been to be in service to the highest good of all and the fulfillment of my divine destiny. I always had my own delusional ideas of what moving through fate into destiny would look like. Never once did I imagine it would be through needing a pacemaker to support my heart. But it all makes sense right now. The real dream realized itself last week in such a beautiful divine way that I could never have imagined it into being but I dreamed it into being. Now with the physical support of a pacemaker, I am able to begin anew and fulfill my divine destiny as full-fledged Dreamer of the new Age of Abundance into being. Whether I live long enough to witness it in my lifetime doesn’t matter. I know the part I am playing to bring it into reality for all those who are to come. 


I have no clear idea of what the Age of Aquarius will look like or mean for me personally in a specific way. I trust that my divine guides and helpers will lead me, guide me, show me each step of the way in the world of abundance for all. I know that I will experience this because I am grateful always for my life no matter how I am feeling, no matter what is going on in my life. Giving thanks and being grateful is the most powerful act of love for yourself and for all of humanity.  


Yes, I am a dreamer. I surrender my life to my own awakening. I allow the fiery divine feminine energy to arise from the base of my spine. I open myself up to the Universe and ask the Universe to use me to be in service to all humanity, the Earth, and the Heavens in a way that delights my mind, body, and spirit. 

And first and foremost, I am most grateful to still be alive and kicking and ready to do my part. 


Are you a dreamer too!