Personal Empowerment Mentoring Consultations – $125/hour; $75/30 minutes.


Personal Empowerment Sessions can be done online, by phone or in person.

Personal Empowerment Consultations may include Tarot Readings, Reiki Healing, and/or Hypnotherapy as well as teaching and guidance.  The sessions are individual to you and your needs in the moment.  My sessions include helping you ascertain where your energies are out of balance and taking the steps needed to help you remedy the situation.  My work is geared toward the goal of achieving Whole Body Intelligence.  WBI means learning to communicate with your physical body, your personality/ego, your emotional body, your mental body/psyche, and your spiritual body/soul/intuition/High Self.  It can be a challenge to keep all the parts of ourselves on an even keel until we learn how to communicate with and be considerate and respectful of our whole body intelligence.  I’m looking forward to working with you.


Contact:  [email protected]

Please put the word ‘SESSION’ in the subject line.