On some days, it feels as if the whole world is going through a dark night of the soul at the same time. The dark night of the soul is a journey I’ve taken many times over in my lifetime and I expect will take many more. So many in fact that I recognize now that the dark night is caused by an unnatural state of fear that emerges from the subconscious mind in order to be healed. What we feel, we heal. Natural fear is the instinctual ability of the body to recognize when real danger is near. Unnatural fear is a mental construct designed to trap the heart in a cage of chaos and misunderstanding. I don’t know how unnatural fear was first created but I suspect dogmatic teachings and greedy, jealous, angry people who wanted to keep power to themselves played a part.
The only thing we need to fear is unnatural fear itself. The trapped energies of negative thoughts show up as aches and pains within the body. When I recognize unnatural fear at work within me, I say to my body, “I’m sorry! Please forgive me! Thank You! I love you!” This is the Hawaiian Ho’opono’pono prayer which translates into English as ‘correction’ ‘manage’ or ‘supervise’. I say the forgiveness prayer as many times as I feel I need to say it to ‘correct’ the imbalance, to ‘manage’ the negative situation within, to become the ‘supervisor’ of my life. When I ask my physical body for forgiveness and express my love and gratitude to it, the trapped energies begin to dissipate and aches and pains disappear soon thereafter.
When I take time to look deep within myself to determine what needs to change within me, I experience the depths of my feelings and they move through me usually through tears rather than getting bottled up in my heart. Sometimes, I don’t even have a reason for the negativity, the pain, or the feelings of suffering. They simply appear and I now simply let them flow through me once I recognize what’s going on.
Negative thoughts are so natural to humans that we need to take time to be still, to go inside to discover that we are dwelling in negative thoughts of one sort or another. When I say go inside, I mean communicate with your body. Ask your body questions. Why are you in pain? Ask the pain. Why are you here? What message do you have for me? Don’t expect the answer to come immediately but
if you show interest in your body and say the forgiveness prayer to yourself and take time to be quiet and listen to your body, the answer will appear from your heart and your soul.
The body is not meant to be in pain. When the mind creates a state of darkness, the body becomes stressed because the soul is undernourished. If you never inquire about what is going on, you may move into complete fear. You become out of balance, feel defeated, abandoned, unsure of yourself, unwilling to face a truth. Fear leads into the state known as the dark night of the soul. The dark night of the soul is in truth a good thing. Being in the state of darkness forces you to take time out and do some soul searching – reacquaint yourself with your soul which has been neglected in some way and get yourself back on track. The key is that you must learn to embrace the darkness. It’s not easy to love darkness but you can use your imagination to help you. Envision wrapping the fear in a comforter woven of rose-pink love, yellow-white light and violet forgiveness. Cradle the fear and rock it in your arms the way you would rock a small child until you feel calm.
The soul requires deep introspection and re-examination of the systems we have created in our lives. When we take time to nourish our soul, we discover that the beauty of life lies beneath unnatural fear and we are unwilling to tolerate it any longer. Every time we manage to correct a stressful situation inside of ourselves rather than projecting our fear onto someone else, we rearrange our inner life in such a way that our heart and soul are rewarded. We begin to understand the essence of Love, that of making things right within our own world. When we do that, we can truly say ‘All is Well’ no matter what is going on outside of us in the world.
I like to think of the phrase All is Well as an acronym for ‘Absolute Law of Love (reveals) Infinite Source Welcoming Each Life as Light’. I first heard it from Matt Kahn, a Spiritual Teacher. When you can truly say ‘All is Well’ no matter what is going on outside of you, you know you are doing your best to master yourself and you are leaving the rest of the world to the Universal Intelligence that is much greater than our own. You are the only person you can control. You understand the difference between what is within your control and what is outside your control. The Absolute Law of Love lifts you up into a greater awareness of higher
consciousness and your soul shines more brightly than ever before and all is well in your world; when all is well in your world, your soul radiates an energy that ripples out into the collective world in a way that makes a true difference.