You are becoming more sensitive to the energies and vibrations that create your world and therefore our world. You sense these energies and yet the rational mind overrides your feelings. How can you open to what you are feeling and sensing is true for you now versus relying on what was true for you in the past? How can you know what others say is true for you? Truth is found by listening to your heart and by listening to your body. Does what you are reading, hearing make you feel love and joy or does it make you feel fear, anger, anxious? Don’t let old stories determine what you think and feel. Learn to think for yourself. Learn to trust your own feelings. Learn to take the deep dive into yourself and embrace your own sensitivities as that which is true for you. Learn to rise above the noise and chaos of the world by diving deep into yourself so that you can feel better while navigating a world that appears to be in turmoil.

What if we could think about the state of the world differently? What if nothing has gone wrong in the world? What if the state of the world today means that everything is going exactly as it needs to go in order for a better world to birth itself? What if we are all moving into expanded versions of ourselves because we are now answering the call of our souls to awaken to a new way of living and loving. What if we are being reminded that everything changes, that nothing exists on the physical plane without its opposite, and neither position is superior to the other?

To begin to answer these questions, we must tap into our soul’s higher knowing. We need to find a way to rise above the rational, logical mind. We can do this by activating the different colorful qualities of life within our own individuality to be able to accept the differences in others around us. One way of doing this is to tune into color and sound. Begin to work with color and sounds in a new way by using our imagination to visualize the energetic vibrations of the colors. Listening to words and music with your heart rather than just your ears. Gently closing your eyes and imagining the healing that the color green brings to your body, mind, heart and soul, allowing the colors to flow through your body. Come with me on the deep dive into yourself through the processes in Diving for Treasure.

There’s an old song, the Sea of Love by the Drifters, that was special to my husband and me when we were first dating that sums up my new program Diving for Treasure. “Come with me, my love, to the sea, the sea of love, I want to tell you oh how much I love you. Do you remember when we met…”

Come with me my love on the deep dive into yourself and discover the truest love there is and the truest truth there is – the lovelight and the lightlove of you.

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