“It’s never too late to have a happy childhood.” – Tom Robbins

“Within every person there lives an inner child, a self that is still as it was when we were little. This inner child still has childlike vulnerabilities and needs. Our inner child desires love, attention, understanding, and plenty of time to play. Do you need to return to the playful innocence and joy of childhood? Do you need to bring more fun and playfulness into a relationship, a job, a situation. Remember too that others are just as vulnerable as you are.


Think back to your childhood. What were your favorite stories, games, and places. Who were your favorite friends? Reconnect with who you were as a child to promote healing and creativity in the present. Create some unstructured time for yourself where you do nothing goal-oriented. Take some time out from your daily routine to color or paint, return to a childhood hobby or try a hobby that you wanted to try as a child and never got to it.

Above all else, be gentle with yourself and others, no matter the circumstance. While you cannot give up all of your responsibilities to become a permanent child, you can structure your life to include plenty of opportunities to relax and play. Care for yourself as you would a child. Be Kind, patient and realize again that playing is another way to create, to learn, and to evolve.”

Sarah Baldwin