The Soul

A single point of light unfolding.
Alive on Earth inside a body. 
Making the body a sacred work of art.
Ancient memories, constellations embedded within,
the Soul’s starry night and sun-filled delight
even the stormy and cloudy day
for the unfolding Soul eternally a light
moving and shifting just as the moon
from light to dark and dark to light, again and again.
Weaving the known with the unknown
into unique patterns of light, color, and sound,
a gossamer comforter of dawn and dusk
a quilt stitched with threads of silver and gold
connecting patchwork stories of young and old,
love and loss, happy and sad, success and failure,
while wending our way through dark nights without
understanding our feelings at all.Nor do we realize
the light of our Soul is carrying us through.


Power of Unconditional Love
The Emerald Tablets for 2012 and Beyond
by Ashalyn and Thoth the Atlantean

Have you ever wondered where the soul goes when it leaves your body? Well, that depends on whether
it is going for an afternoon or evening journey to the stars and back or whether it has concluded its
present reign on Earth and is going to leave the body behind and observe the effects of its last actions
upon society. We know the soul does exist and lives on throughout eternity. As one contemplates this
action, other questions arise. As one continues searching, the answers will also appear. No one is
standing over your head like a huge traffic cop in the sky, holding you back from finding that answer. In
fact, the opposite is actually quite true.
For example, consider this. Sincere Seeker (that’s you) asks question. Spirit receives request. Seeker
still listening, awaits response. Spirit assembles information in a way that can best be received by
Seeker and begins to send it into the heart of Seeker. Once truth is received by Seeker’s heart, its
frequency resonates in a way that Seeker recognizes as good. Seeker is glad and grateful for that
information and for the beauty and simplicity of this process. Spirit smiles because the system works
and readies itself to receive another question, because Seeker is indeed very curious. Seeker puts last
answer in the appropriate place and checks his/her notes for the next question. How simple is that?
The trick is, to ask the right questions, and keep your heart open so that it can receive answers.


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