Tarot Readings

I have been asked to share the information I receive through my tarot readings with a broader audience to spread the desire to assist the Power of Good in the world. So, that is what I’m doing. In case you are wondering who asked me to do this. It is my main guide, Metatron, a celestial force who orchestrates the consciousness of the Universe. To me, Metatron represents the Spirit of Life Itself.

When I do my tarot readings, I align with my Higher Self, with Metatron who includes all my intuitive guides and teachers and offer my work in service to the highest good of all and the fulfillment of my soul’s divine purpose for incarnating in the world. This morning I used the Earth Warrior oracle deck by Alana Fairchild and asked Metatron to give me the approach for humanity to take during this time of crisis in the world that will serve the power of good in the world. I will share the questions I asked and the information I received.

1) Metatron, what shall we co-create in the world today that serves the Power of Good in the world? The world needs to understand the immeasurable power of the Heart. A willing heart is all that’s needed to transform any situation that’s troubling you. A willing heart is one who will put the mind aside and is willing to understand that each person is a member of the collective. The present situation is a manifestation of the overall mind of the collective. The willing heart knows this is true and will be willing to use the divine love of their heart to acknowledge the collective anger, fear, hatred, suffering and delusion, put their hands over their heart and repeat aloud, “I’m Sorry! Please Forgive Me! Thank You! I love You!” “I focus on Love. I focus on Light. And fear’s illusion is removed from the darkest night.” The indigenous people know that Ho’oponopono sets things right and restores the Light of Immeasurable Love into the Collective Soul.


2) What issues of the past need to be healed today? Today’s chaos and extreme imbalance will be purged as people purge their minds of fear, stress, anger, hatred, divisiveness. The energy of darkness was sown over millennia and is carried in humanity’s DNA. The way to purge this energetically is to focus on the beauty and divinity of the natural world. The world of Abundance and Generosity and Support no matter what is going on in our lives. We must learn to listen to the energy in the
spaces between the words being spoken and written. Listen to what is contained in the quiet beneath all the noise. Focus on the order and beauty and balance that will emerge out of the chaos. This requires a peaceful mind, a loving heart, a bright, shining, radiant soul.

3) What are the hidden aspects of the current situation? There is an inner shift into higher consciousness taking place whether people know it or not. It will be less stressful for those who understand this. There is a sacred need to heal poverty consciousness in humanity. Poverty Conscious is an ancient root that was planted with the onset greed, avarice, hatred. There is a need for each person to let go of poverty consciousness, even those who are financially wealthy fear losing what they have. It is time to heal economic matters worldwide and learn to create prosperity from the inside out and share our gifts with others. You will liberating yourselves from poverty consciousness by removing the inner energetic obstructions of the pattern of negative social conditioning. You must learn to rely on inner spiritual security, trusting inner guidance which frees you and allows the Universe to channel abundance to you more easily. You must each heal economic matters in our own world to assist the whole world’s ability to shift into economic systems of higher consciousness that benefits everyone financially, healthfully, abundantly. You must think, breathe, taste, hear, touch, acknowledge the abundant world to see it and experience it.

4) What are the gifts of the world’s lockdown beyond lessening loss of life? The Universe wants to express its creativity, healing and brilliance through each individual person. It doesn’t want to be limited by continually repeating what has been. What has been is making us sick. Newness needs to burst through you into startling expressions of abundant life. You won’t get there by trying to analyze how to be abundant. You can analyze your finances and take steps to repay debts to bring balance into your lives. That’s the practical application. However, you are guided to go beyond practical thinking alone. You are guided to go beyond anything you’ve ever known before. You are guided to go into your heart and your soul. You are guided to ask your heart and soul for advice. Ask no one else. You may need help to learn how to ask your heat and soul for advice but you must begin to listen only to your inner wisdom. This is the blessing of Kumu, the
Inner teacher, that knows the truth of the Universe. The inner teacher knows that no good thing shall be withheld from you when you listen deeply within and follow your inner guidance. It is within your heart and soul that you will find the blessings of the Supreme Being and begin to truly understand the immeasurable power and radiance of the solar heart. The inner union of the heart, the soul and the body. The inner trinity of the Father, the Mother, and the Holy Spirit united within each individual.

5) What is the present immediate block that hampers most of us from standing in the light with confidence? It is the inability to close your eyes and relax. The inability to call forth the light of love as a divine creator. Humans pray and beg for help, for healing when it is far better as the ruler of your kingdom (your body) to confidently, yet humbly, request the light and love of the Prime Creator to fill your body with light and love and eradicate any darkness that exists within your DNA. Humans do not take enough responsibility for themselves. False humility leads you to believe you must rely on others outside of you to do it for you. Having said that, this virus is not something to fool around with. You must take proper and appropriate precautions and seek medical care if required. These statements refer to using this time of self undoing to connect with your High Self and with your inner guides of higher consciousness, ask them to begin preparing you to take responsibility for your health and well-being, to set the energy right again. Actually, the Ho’oponopono Prayer works really well with that too. Speak the words to your body.. “I’m Sorry! Please Forgive Me! Thank You! I Love You! I focus on the Light. I focus on the Love. Remove fear’s illusion from the darkest night.” (Have you noticed that if you break down the word ‘illusion’ into syllables, it becomes ILL-US-ION. Fear is the consciousness that creates the ion of Illness. Whether that be of the body or the mind or ill will of darkness.)

6) What energy will be most helpful to anchor into our roots right now? The energy of the Emerald Heart. The Emerald Heart holds space for many different creatures to live within her energy field – including the crazy, beautiful, dangerous and divine humanity. The Emerald Heart knows that life thrives through diversity. She is able to foster life with genius and generosity such that humans cannot begin to comprehend. She has no fear
preventing her from holding space for the new to emerge. Be open to the new and different within yourself and in your life. Make Trust in the Divine Feminine your act of devotion.The Divine Earth Mother is watching over you as you evolve to manifest the fullness of your sacred and original life purpose. Place your hands on your heart and imagine the love of the Emerald Heart is flowing into your body and down through your body into the central core of Mother Earth. Say aloud, “Divine Mother of the Emerald Heart of Earth and the Buddha of Equanimity. SHE with the Andean Emerald Heart, I offer my gratitude and reverence to love, honor and nourish you. I nourish you to nourish myself and humanity. I’m Sorry Mother. Please Forgive Me. Thank you. I love You.”

7) What is the overall message you want everyone to take away today? Never lose faith in the Immeasurable Power of Good. Never lose faith in what you can accomplish as an independent and inspired individual of good will in this world. Never lose faith in the human soul to remember that it is a child of the highest Light and the highest Love. Each time you focus on your own unraveling of the lower self, you are adding more light and love to your world and the collective consciousness of the world. You are never alone in the world. We are always with you. The Divine Mother and Father are always within you. I Metatron am always within you. All the saints and ascended masters and teachers and loved ones are always within you. You just need to call on us. We won’t interfere with your life but we are here waiting to serve you in your time of need. You only need to knock on our door, ask for assistance and we will answer you. The answer may not come as words but often it comes as a sign or a symbol, a song lyric in your head, a color, a sound, a bud opening. Ask your questions, then sit still, be quiet, journal stream of thoughts, use color without trying to ‘make’ it into something, just let it flow onto the paper just for the fun of creating, dance with abandon for no reason other than to move your body. Shake the darkness from your cells and allow the light and love to come in. You are so loved. Let us love you. Allow the Universe to show you just how abundant you truly are. May you all be blessed abundantly for taking responsibility for yourself and for the collective during a time when many cannot or will not do it for themselves. To all of you, we in the unseen realms above and below are most grateful. As you evolve, we evolve. As we evolve, you evolve, like it or not. As above, so Below. As Below, so Above. As Within,
so Without. As Without, so Within. Thank you for listening to the energy between the words. Thank you for entering the silence below the noise.