The Lions Gate Portal is activated astrologically when Leo in the sun and the rising of the Star Sirius are on the same timing. This combination of energy happens every year and opens a galactic portal that allows special high vibrational, heart-centered consciousness to be sent from the Universe to Earth to help us align with our hearts and our soulsThe vibrations of Lions Gate are ramping up right now and will reach their fever peak on 8/8/2020 continuing with lesser degrees of vibrations until its completion on 8/13/2020.  


The Lions Gate Portal occurs when the sun is in the astrological sign of Leo illuminating the lion, which is associated with heart centered consciousness and each person’s individual expression of divine spirit.The star Sirius is 2 times the size of the sun and 26 times brighter. The combination is a SERIOUS source of soul activation. (Pun intended. 😆) These energies affect everyone but if your birth sign or rising sign is in Leo, they are especially potent. 


Numerologically, number 8 is associated with DNA activation, balance, lightning path, abundance, power of love and the higher realms of consciousness. This makes the Lions Gate numerology of 88 a super potent time to clear and charge our personal energy to be in the mode for receiving, the heart to be open and receptive, the physical body to be open and willing to shift perspectives into ones that are more heart-centered. 

This is a great time to move stagnant energies within us that cause nervousness, anxiety, insomnia and other negative energy blockers.This brand new cycle of galactic energies are demanding that we let go of the old and experience shifts in our soul body and in our physical body. The Lion symbolizes passion, fire, love and inner empowerment, stability, loyalty, consistency that will take us forward into the manifestation of our hopes for a better self and a better world. The Lion also symbolizes ego, pride, drama, boastfulness, and the opposite of all the traits we consider to be the ‘good’ ones. So take notice of the ways in which this energy is affecting you for the next couple of weeks. 


If you are a great soul with big, bold dreams for yourself and for all the world. If you envision a worlwith a more positive future for yourself and everyone else too. If you hunger to tap into your powerful creative juice and you have decided to no longer let doubts and fears stop you, this is a great time to begin exploring Diving for Treasure at 


Take the deep dive to awaken ever deeper parts of your soul, you mind, and your body! 

Add your light to all of the awakened souls and let’s joint forces to use this important gateway in a most positive way. 


Wrapping us all in a giant comforter woven of rainbow colors of lovelight and lightlove holding the space for the power of love and truth to reign free during the Lions Gate Portal – 8/03 – 8/13/2020. 


Big Hugs