Card #26: She Rides with Wild Spirit Unbroken

You are a wild spirit. No matter how often you have been told, “no”, been suppressed by rules and regulations, been denied a right to speak your crazy beautiful truths, inside of you beats a persistent, loving heart that will not be denied. I knew that the wild joy in you would soon kick off its shackles of shame. I knew that no amount of criticism or disrespect could ever break the spirit of your heart. I knew that even if you doubted that at times, deep inside the heart there was a spirit so wild that it could never be tamed. I know that it is only a matter of time before your wild spirit will rise and be free.


Cultural conditioning in a healthy sense is meant to give us guidelines by which we can operate as a functional society. Having boundaries for behavior enables us to relate to each other respectfully. We can contribute to society in ways that help us make a safe and supportive community possible and so create a good quality of life for its members. A less conscious, sometimes even abusive, version of that is when personal choice is eradicated, where there is no sense that questioning is even allowed. When obedience is demanded and individuality is not honored, the conditioning that is meant to assist in the development of healthy communities becomes regressive, infantilizing and if taken to heart, quite damaging to the self that wants to emerge and grow (which is what healthy beings do).

Image Credit: Wang Yiguang


Bringing conditioning to consciousness is the only way to confront it and become free enough to question it so we can choose for ourselves. If we don’t even know we are responding to the world in a preconditioned way or holding particular beliefs simply because that is what we were taught and reinforced to believe, then we may make the mistake of confusion our opinion with truth. This is what causes ego-based conflict, the most futile sort of conflict. This is not conflict that can be used to fuel healthy growth and evolution into a win-win resolution’ it is soul-destroying behavior at the expense of another. Without bringing our conditioning to consciousness, we lose the power to question everything, to be open, to discern and decide for ourselves if there could be more to life than what we already think we know.


Place one hand on your stomach and one hand on your heart and say aloud,

“I call upon Wild Kuan Yin (Divine Mother) who loves me without condition: I love myself and I commit to live as myself, true to myself, and to fulfill my soul journey this lifetime. I am so grateful to be who I am, divinely created for perfect purpose. Through your merciful presence, all scars heal, all in forgiveness melts away, and I am free from shame and doubt to live as me. I surrender all conditioning that would inhibit my personal and spiritual growth, now, one layer at a time, with your help. I give myself

unconditional permission to be me and to enjoy being me! I choose to set myself free! So be it!”